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External Resources

  • Competency Works from iNACOL is a blog dedicated to providing information about competency education in the K-12 education system. CompetencyWorks shares original research, perspectives from a variety of practitioners, policy advancements, papers on emerging issues and a wiki with resources curated from across the field. CompetencyWorks also offers a blog on competency education in higher education so that the sectors can learn from each other and begin to align systems across K-12, higher education and the workplace. Do a search for Mastery Collaborative to see profiles of some NYC member schools.

  • Competency Works wiki - a wiki within a wiki! This compendium from our friend Chris Sturgis of Competency Works contains a rich array of information and tools.

  • Nellie Mae Education Foundation - “Making Mastery Work” research paper

  • International Association for K-12 Learning (iNACOL) - Various studies on the benefits of competency education

  • U.S. Department of Education - Statement on competency-based learning and a summary with links of states and districts who have passed mastery and competency legislation

  • Great Schools Partnership - Resources, models, and presentations on the creation of efficient standards-based systems.

  • Marzano Research Lab - Research comparing the effectiveness of using proficiency-models in Re-Inventing Schools Coalition (RISC) schools and non-RISC schools

  • Maine Department of Education - Statewide mastery system information

  • New Hampshire Department of Education - Statewide mastery system information

  • ReDesign - Bank of competency-based education resources